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Introducing a Revolutionary New Vinyl Siding System!

Continental Siding Manufacturing’s Polymer Wall System® is “One of the greatest things that has happened to the siding industry” According to Contractors like yourself. The Continental Polymer Wall System (Vinyl Siding System) is an exclusive siding system, completely unique, that is far superior to other siding products, because it:

• Comes in 29’X 9″ and 16′ X 8″ Panels for a virtually seamless look.
Virtually Eliminates Installation Errors with evenly spaced buttons
• Applies over stucco, brick, or any irregular wall surface
• Offers Structural Integrity with 100% Attachment
Won’t fade in the sunlight
• Is available in a wide range of colors & Styles
Resists hail damage, and can withstand up to 255 MPH Winds!
• Fully Backed by a Transferable Lifetime Warranty!
Supports the Panel from end to end, eliminating the problem of
sagging over time

Homeowners who are offered our siding as an option, choose our seamless polymer siding. This product, together with our proprietary installation system, results in superior house siding that Virtually Eliminates Hail Damage, wavy walls, sun fading, “sick home syndrome,” and regular maintenance.



The way vinyl siding is attached to your home is the same today as it was back in the late 1950’s. The siding panels have improved greatly but the nailing hem hasn’t changed much in almost 50 years.

According to the Vinyl Siding Institute’s installation instructions, every nail must be installed exactly in the center of the nailing hem nail hole. If you are too far to the right or left, it can interfere with the expansion and contraction of the siding, and you will see warping, waving walls.

Each nail also must be installed straight into the wall, not pointed upward or downward. And to make matters even harder, each nail must be installed leaving the siding 1/32” away from the wall.

This must be done approximately 2,500 times on an average siding job. If it’s not done perfectly all 2,500 times, you could see wavy, warping walls.

Our new attaching strip is designed to stop the expansion and contraction problems when vinyl siding is nailed or attached incorrectly. Our buttons are evenly spaced in 4” increments. You no longer have to worry that a nail was placed too far to one side of the nailing slot, or angled too high or low.

By fastening the siding through the buttons, each fastener is now in the correct position. The buttons also prevent the nail from being installed pointing upward or downward. Now the nailing strip is fastened to the wall and allows the siding to expand or contract freely.

The Obvious Reasons Builders & Architects Nationwide recommend the Patented Shure-Strat® Attaching System:
  • Buttons are evenly spaced in 4” increments to attach siding to studs on 16” or 24” centers.
  • Forces installers to install fastener in correct intervals and position
  • Eliminates nails being nailed too tight.
  • Leaves siding 1/32” away from the wall.
  • Eliminates warping and buckling.
  • Installs panels straight.
  • Supports the panel from end to end, eliminating the possibility of sagging with time.
  • Allows the siding to expand or contract freely.
  • Increases wind load to withstand over 270 MPH.
  • Triples attachment strength.
  • The Shure-Strat® Siding System makes the siding look like real wood.
  • Our Siding System gives the customer a total peace of mind that the siding was installed correctly.
  • Our Siding & Siding System is fully backed by lifetime warranty.


    Hail Resistant 29 Foot Vinyl Siding Options Now Available in Omaha and Lincoln Metro Areas! Ask your Contractor or Builder about Continental Siding Omaha!

    Here are just a few words from some of our Customers.

    “My wife and I had Continental install siding on our home about 6-7 years ago. Thought it was a job well done from the day it was installed. I did not think much about our siding over the years until our insurance adjuster came by our house to give us an estimate on our hail damaged roof.

    After spending a long while on the roof measuring and writing up the paperwork he came down and said that we should go look at the siding to see how much we need to replace. We walked around the ENTIRE house and found NOTHING except a few dents in the window wraps!

    He proceeded to tell me that this was some of the best siding that he had seen on a house to withstand the Lees Summit hail storm from a month ago, and that some of the houses that he had been to looked like they had been through a drive by shooting.

    Just wanted to thank you for the high quality product that you deliver, and the fact that I haven’t had to think about it for 6-7 years proves that the job was done to last.”         — Matt & Jenny


    “You will not find a product in the USA with a more aggressive design to control expansion and contraction in a siding panel. The reason Jerry utilizes a dual extrusion process to control the positioning of his titanium dioxide and elastimers in his siding panel during manufacturing.

    We have been associated with both of Jerry’s siding systems – Continental Siding’s PermaStrat Seamless wall system and Continental Manufacturing’s 29 Foot panel …. if you have any legit questions – I would be happy to answer your questions in detail – homerepairmd@gmail.com


    “The Shure-Strāt Wall System is one of the greatest things that has happened to the siding industry. The biggest problem that you have with siding is how it is installed. Shure-Strāt solves this problem.”
    -DJ Waller

    “I’ve been in the construction business for over 30 years and Shure-Strāt Wall System is the best new idea in the siding industry since I’ve been building. You can use it over brick, Stucco, or any irregular wall surface…it pleases my customers.”
    -Bob Hess

    “My customers absolutely love it! I go in a lot of houses and 95-97% of people I show this product to, want it!”
    -Home Remodeler

    “I’ve been in home remodeling and owned a retail siding business for over 27 years. I believe you are looking at the perfect siding solution! When I look at a siding product, I also look at the people standing behind it. I have never found a group of guys that were easier to work with. This is a true partnership in every sense of the word.”

    Retail Sales & Home Remodeler



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