Continental Siding Showroom Omaha


Continental Siding Manufacturing is Omaha and Lincoln Metro Area’s One-Stop Shop for all your Polymer  & Vinyl Siding needs! We offer Wholesale-Only, Factory-Direct Pricing you can’t find anywhere else. With our 10% Discount on all cash sales, and our Price Match Guarantee,  you have to ask yourself; why you would go anywhere else for your Polymer & Vinyl Siding Supplies?

Our founder, Jerry O’Neal, He has experimented, invented, & patented his way to solving many of the problems that have plagued the siding industry for years! Including the Shure-Strāt Wall System®, which is a patented method of installation that makes the product virtually seamless, and fixes common problems seen throughout the industry. He currently holds more patents on Siding Styles, Siding Fastener Guides, and Siding Attachment Systems than any other siding manufacturer in the United States!

We offer Builder Grade Vinyl Siding, Premium Grade Vinyl Siding, and Ultimate Polymer Siding in a unique variety of styles, colors, and lengths you just can’t get anywhere else! (because we hold the patents!)

In addition to our Vinyl & Polymer Siding & Accesories We offer:

Come by our showroom Monday-Friday between 8:00am-4:30pm to see all that we have to offer.